The Fashion Swiftie

Recently quite a lot of people found out that i do this tumblr. A lot of people have ridiculed me and made fun of the blog! Im just saying… if you dont like the blog and you think its stupid… why do you even bother making fun of it? Im not offending anyone! This is what i want to do, i give advice on fashion and i love fashion! People who make fun of this don’t know/care about how much this means to me! So if you like this blog follow me and get great fashion tips, if you dont like this blog… go away, you shouldnt even be looking at it then!

Forget all the haters cuz somebody loves you <3
miley cyrus: we can’t stop

a bit addicted now…


my favorite inanimate object is a flower. they can bring so much life to things and bring someone out of a bad mood instantly, and most of them look beautiful :)

This is what i like to call Geek Chic! pair light or dark colored chino’s with a long sleeved shirt, preferably checked, and wear your best geeky glasses for this innocently edgy look! suitable for guys and girls :)  Justin Timberlake gets it…

Im gonna post a photo file when i get home - its gonna be geek chic central :D i got the inspiration for it as currently i am at my parents friends house… they have a son… he is about 24… now if you look at him, THATS what you call geek chic central!

Music is what feelings sound like

Anon (via themusicalchris)

So true :) re blog if music is you life too

Me &#8220;The Fashion Swiftie&#8221; (left) and my friends stylin&#8217; it up at an 18th!

Me “The Fashion Swiftie” (left) and my friends stylin’ it up at an 18th!

A jumpsuit and heels is sophisticated style with a little edge! my personal favorite is dark colors but light colors and pastel go great with white heels! Demi Lovato takes this style head on in her heart attack music video adding a cool black leather jacket, edgy jewellery and a fierce heels and belt combo!

Brighten up your black body con dress and heels with a refreshing splash of color! I thought I’d share this style with you since I’m wearing the exact same thing for a party tonight :)… and since anything goes with black!